VHPA Event / Re-enactment

Waterfront Park North Lawn

July 4th


Mark Hopkins helps Jerry Lindquist suit up to portray our down pilot.
Luke is ready for action!
Introducing our crew: Bill Flowers, Gary Moline, Ron Paye & Don Nelson
Tom Shields, Paul Harpole, Ron Clark & Bobby Cormack
Peter Bales & Glen Veno Wolfhounds: Jim "Sparky" Yancy, Terry Giffin, Travis"Dutch" Lowrie, Andrew "Andy" Freeman & Joe "the new guy".
Luke and his handler, Johnny Mayo, ready to go.  
Little bird takes off to stat the re-enactment. Flying across the Ohio river
  Down pilot Jerry Lindquist radios for help.
803 flys along the I65 bridge. 803 comes in to insert the troops


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