Remembering Our Veterans

Memorial Day Observance

May 24, 25 & 26 - Cedarburg, Wisconsin


Coming in to Chicago.
Chicago skyline from Huey 803 over Lake Michigan
Russells Aircraft Museum Arriving in Cedarburg Wisconsin
  Joined by our Wisconsin friend, Peter Bales
  Family members of pilot Ron Paye.
Ron Paye and the Lion's Club mascot. Tom Schmidt
  Jerry Smith, back in time.
  Future doorgunner
Left, Diane Loberger, (said she wouldn't fly on the huey) this was her SECOND flight and two of our biggest supporters, Ben & Renee!!! Jerry Smith's friends from Laos.
This lovely lady's father passed away before he could fly on the huey so she took the flag from his casket on a flight in his honor.  
  Jerry Smith and Mark Hopkins
  Thank You Cedarburg!!!!


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