Mayflower Mill Elementary

"Operation American Pride"

May 9th / Lafayette, Indiana


Students for all grades wait for American Huey 369 to fly in.
369 arrives!
Katie & Lexie Baber flew in on Huey 369.
Ron Paye speaks with a class of children and their teachers. Phil Marshall and Ron Paye.
Tom Schmidt Dennis Jacoba Sr. passes out stickers to the children.
Tom Shields shows the children the battery area.  
  Members of our military show children their equipment.
  Three of our young core members: Lexie, Katie & Jacob Baber.
Denny Rogers.  
  The Baber Family.
Members of the teaching staff of Mayflower Mill Elementary. Thank You Teachers! A great group of our current military personel!
Andrews and Cheryl Baber. 4 members of the teaching who were chosen to fly.
3 members of the teaching staff.  
  Making a stop in Americus on our way home.
Great people in the little town of Americus!  


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