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American Huey In Pursuit of Funding a Dream

American Huey 369 is looking for a Benefactor to help in the construction of THE NATIONAL AMERICAN HUEY HISTORY MUSEUM. For more information call

John Walker at 765-469-2727


by Mark Hopkins


A Tribute to Veterans

A Welcome Home to all Veterans and a tribute to the

American Huey 369 Veterans with photos

of then and now.

by Mark Hopkins


American Huey and Welcome Home LZ Lambeau

This is a video of three helicopters that served in Vietnam and their flight to a three day event at

Green Bay, WI.

by Mark Hopkins




American Huey Trailer

By Mark Hopkins

Interview with American Huey 369 at

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

by Mark Hopkins


American Huey 369 and 803 at the

Thunder Over Michigan 2009 Show

by Mark Hopkins




Colonel Doug Moore

Vietnam Women's Memorial 20th Anniversary Celebration
November 11, 2013





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