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American Huey 369 at the

Cincinnati Reds

Interview with John Walker at the 150th celebration of the Cincinnati Reds game


American Huey 369 at the

Cincinnati Reds

Opening ceremony and flyover at the 150th celebration of the Cincinnati Reds game


American Huey 369 at the

Cincinnati Reds

Flying into the Cincinnati Reds stadium just before the oping of the 150th anniversary and the fan appreciation day. It was estimated 30,000 fan showed up after landing.


American Huey 369 at Machine Gun Shoot, Knob Creek KY.

American Huey 369 formed with the intention of preservation, education and paying tribute to veterans and patriots. The group gave demonstrations at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot.


American Huey 369 at Wisconsin

Huey Crew

More than four decades ago, Lt. Thomas Shaw was killed when his Huey helicopter crashed in Vietnam. Two members of his crew survived the crash, and his roommate, Jim Crigler, escorted Lieutenant Shaw’s body back to Wisconsin. Forty-two years later, Jim and the two surviving crew members traveled to Sheboygan for a special tribute to Tom Shaw’s family.


American Huey 369 at the AVTT Kokomo, IN

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) travels the USA with the Cost of Freedom Tribute to provide a forum for the members of the community to come together to Honor-Respect-Remember all those whom we have asked to stand in harm’s way to protect and defend our great country and freedom as our way of life. They are the true American Heroes and we have an obligation to pay tribute to them by celebrating the freedoms they fought for and stand to insure.

by The 2 Mortgage Guys


American Huey 369 at the Fly/In Cruise/In 2015

The American Huey 369 Organization visited the Marion Fly-In Cruise-In and Crossroads got an opportunity to take a ride.

For Crossroads on WIWU-TV


American Huey 369 at the Fly/In Cruise/In

Join us as we listen to American Huey 369 co-founder John Walker explain how this organization began. The mission is to honor all Vietnam Veterans who served. We speak to Dustoff Pilot Phil Marshall as he describes flying actual missions in Vietnam. We meet Cobra Gunship Pilot Ron Paye & he tells us his experiences escorting Hueys into hot LZs. 


Produced by: Inge Harte - Ray Johnson








American Huey 369 is seeking to right a wrong

30 plus years after the end of the Vietnam War


by Western Kentucky Photojournalism


American Huey 369 at

Indianapolis Excecutive Aiport

This year's Fly-In took place on 8/21/2010 at Indianapolis Excecutive Aiport and included food, aircraft and service vehicle displays, skydivers, and helicopters

by Down Syndrome Indiana


American Huey 369

at Indianapolis Excecutive Aiport

Dick Wolfsie of Channel 8 featured the

Down Syndrome of Indiana fundraiser fly-in at

Indianapolis Executive Airport on his morning show.

Here he interviews the American Huey 369 group.


This is a video about American Huey 369,

a group of veterans and patriots who have

a passion for the Huey helicopter. They rebuild old

Hueys to perfect flying condition and use these

aircraft as a way to teach all generations the heritage

of the men who used and depended on these warbirds

as well as all veterans of all wars. Enjoy!

by Luke Hansen




Vietnam war pilot keeps American UH-1 Huey 369 Flying

A former U.S. Army helicopter pilot shares his story about his time in Vietnam,

and how he and his colleagues work to preserve the history of the War.

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