Members of the 15th Med. Bn.
Lynn "Doc" Hammonds. Hannah Klare sings the NAtional Anthem.
The auction had everything from hats...... photographs......
people.... old military containers.......
and a custom made birdhouse that looked like a huey. Thank You Pat Lund for your incredible handiwork! Getting ready to fly.
One of our Texas pilots, Ron "crash" Clark. Pilots, Peter Bales and Glen Veno get ready for the reenactment.
Jerry and Linda Lindquist  
Members of the 15th Med. Bn. Members of the 15th Med. Bn. and family members.
Wolf Hounds with Dog Handler Johnny Mayo and his dog Luke.  
Erica Eames, Joyce Callaway, Cathy Clark, Marcia Van Ess, Sue Buisker and Craig DeFeyter. Larry Hatch, Vietnam Veteran, 15th Med. Bn., Medevac Pilot.