Rick Husband Airport, Amarillo, Texas Rick Husband Airport Terminal
Tac Air FBO, Amarillo, Texas Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole gets ready to fly over Amarillo at sunset.
John Walker helps Paul Harpole with his flight helmet. Flying over Amarillo at sunset.
Ron Clark (black jacket) and Bill Flowers The great people of Amarillo greeted us when we landed.
Back at the airport Sunday the 24th. A gorgeous day to get together with Veterans and Patriots!  
Glen Veno and Gold Star Wife Donna Hogue Certificate of Appreciation being presented to American Huey 369 from America Supports You, Texas.
Bell Helicopter Assembly Plant, Amarillo. You can see the weather moving in. The view from our hotel Monday morning. The enntire town was shut down.
Tuesday morning the tarmac in front of the hangar was clear. It was the only thing clear! Our drivers, Mark Hopkins and Glen Veno. They didn't leave Amarillo until Wednesday. 40 was closed both ways until Wed. Truck traffic was very heavy. They did a great job!!