Gary Moline cleans the blades. Bill Flowers cleans even those unseen areas.
Ron Paye cleaning the mast area.  
Rodney Mayfield putting the final touches on 369 Marcos Escobar and Doc Hammonds clean litters
Marcos Escobar & Doc Hammonds Bill Flowers & John Walker
Rodney Mayfield details the hoist. Glen Veno & Mark Hopkins touch up a litter before installation.
Getting ready to go to the convention center  
  Our first group photo
Marcos Escobar, Doc Hammonds, Chuck Canfield and Tom Schmidt. Ron Paye with one of the Convention Center helpers.
Getting it all together. Gary Moline and Glen Veno put together a T.V. stand.
Ron Paye and Chuck Canfield put together the frame work for the booth backdrop. Tom Schmidt, Marcos Escobar, Rodney Matfield, Bill Flowers and Doc Hammond.
Attaching the television to the stand. Busy little bees, getting the job done!
Marcos Escobar, Pat Moline and Doc Hammond stuff goodie bags. Rodney Mayfield cleaning the ground handling wheels.
Ron Paye doing a little touch up. Chuck Canfield also helping with the touchup duties.
Tom Schmidt cleans a set of ground handling wheels. Glen Veno and Mark Hopkins wire up the audio/video displays.
Chuck Canfield, Tom Schmidt, Rodney Mayfield, Mark Hopkins and Marcos Escobar stretch the display over the framework. Just about got it.
Attaching the lights. Final tweeks to the lights.