Getting ready to leave Amarillo, Texas. The runway was still slick. Good thing we don't really need to "use" it.
Quite a traffic jam on U.S. 40. That's why the van and trailer didn't leave until Wednesday. Amarillo skyline.
Tradewinds Airport, Amarillo. Our fuel stop before leaving Amarillo.  
The scenery began to change a little when we got into New Mexico.  
Santa Rosa, New Mexico Fueling on top of a hill in Santa Rosa. It was very windy up there!
Albuquerque, New Mexico.  
  Sunset in Gallup, New Mexico.
Gallup, New Mexico Municipal Airport  
Flagstaff Arizona Airport. Landing in Flagstaff.
  Kingman Arizona Airport.
Landing in Kingman.  
Headed for the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas  
The Colorado River Lake Mead
A little hazy over Las Vegas. Las Vegas North Airport
Las Vegas Strip (photo by Tom Schmidt) On the ground in Las Vegas. We made it!!
A little cleanup and we can go to our rooms and relax for a little while.