Clearing a path at Grissom. Wasn't looking to good at this point. Finally! It's 2:45 and the visability is good! Let's get going!
Our first fuel stop, Edgar County Airport, Illinois.  
St. Louis, MO skyline. Fuel stop #2, Festus Memorial Airport. Over the ridge behind us is the Mississippi River.
  Sunset Northeast of Branson, MO.
Branson Airport. Saturday Morning Feb. 23rd. Getting ready to go to Millcreek Village to visit with Veterans and Patriots.
It was a little cold but there was a great turnout!  
  Ron Paye and Julie Peters.
Our flight crew: Left to Right : Pilot, John Walker, Gunner, Bill Flowers, Crewchief, Rodney Mayfield, Co-pilot, Ron Paye and Crewchief/A&P, Tom Schmidt. Leaving Branson, MO.
Praying hands in front of a church. They appear to be very large! Some of the sights we saw from the air.
Lot's of wind turbines dotted the landscape. A small herd of antelope.