You are here ^. 803 passes a KC135 waiting to take off at Grissom.
  Stopping at Bloomington for fuel.
Gunner, Bill Flowers 803 coming down the Ohio river.
Water tower in West Point, KY  
We were greeted by this handsome young man, a future soldier. Jim Shields, Tom Shields and Bill Flowers. It was great to have Jim join his Dad at Knob Creek. I think they both had a great time!
  803 was on static display all weekend. It gave everyone an opportunity to really see the aircraft while 369 flew membership flights.
Mark Hopkins  
  Dust Off Pilot, Phil Marshall.
Rodney Mayfield, crewchief. Denny Rogers, door gunner.
Steve & Chad Sumner being interviewed.  
  Another father & son hanging out at Knob Creek, Gary & Zac Moline.