A Robinson makes it's way down the taxiway past several fixed wing aircraft  
Several medical aircraft were on had as well as a Coast Guard aircraft  
from left: Allen Conner, Denny Rogers and John Fotia from left: Arthur Gary, Pat Moline, Rosanne Graves and Larry Ford
Coast Guard helicopter  
  from left: Arthur Gray, Andie Villegas, Jennifer Cardinal and Oscar Villegas
  Ed Marsh takes a break with 369
Ed Marsh and Casey Eames (in green)  
from left: Jon Schmidt and his Dad, Tom Schmidt  
Glenn Shaw (in co-pilots seat) from left: Arthur Gray, Denny Richmond and Randy Sharkey
from left: Denny Richmond, Randy Sharkey and Glenn Shaw  
Arthur Gray and Denny Rogers Member Larry Ford poses in front of 369
Dustoff pilot Phil Marshall shows onlookers some of his photos from Nam. Gary Moline (left)
  Ron Paye (left) helps buckle in Glenn Shaw
Co-founder John Walker gives Glenn Shaw a reassuring pat on the shoulder Denny Richmond and Randy Sharkey
From left: Michelle Wantz, Denny Richmond, Glenn Shaw, Randy Sharkey and Sam Helter Photo by Barb Gray
Photo by Barb Gray Photo by Barb Gray
Photo by Barb Gray: lt to rt: Arthur Gray and Ron Paye Photo by Barb Gray: lt to rt: Rosanne Graves, Joyce Calloway and Pat Moline